SB、SBD系列 安全制動器  SB、SBD系列  安全制動器  SB,SBD Series Safety Brakes  應用:液壓安全(緊急)制動器,是一種使用在低速軸(卷筒軸)上的大功率制動裝置,可廣  泛用于大中型起重機、港口裝卸機械起升以及臂架府仰機構低速軸的緊急安全制動。礦用  卷揚機、提升機和大功率傾角式皮帶運輸機的工作制動和緊急安全制動,纜車和索纜起重  機驅動機構的安全制動,鑄造起重機等特種起重機起升機構低速軸的安全(緊急)制動?! ?/p>

Application:  Hydraulic safety (emergency) brakes are high-power braking devices which can be wildly used as emergency safety brake  on low speed shafts for the lifting control and pitching mechanism of various large and middle crane、port handling  machinery. They are also applied for the same purpose for mine winder ,lifter ,elevators ,belt conveyers ,cable cars,  foundry and cable cranes and so on.  

■常閉式設計,安全可靠;特制碟簧施力制動,需另配液壓驅動釋放裝置?! ?/p>

■動作靈敏,閉合(上閘)時間短?! ?/p>

■可配有開閘限位開關和襯墊磨損極限限位開關,可進行聯鎖保護和故障顯示(采用PLC控  制時)?! ?/p>

■高性能無石棉硬質摩擦襯墊,摩擦系數穩定,不損傷制動盤且對水介質和鹽霧(海水)不敏感?! ?/p>

■合理的密封結構設計和進口名牌密封件。效果好、壽命長?! ?/p>

■安裝位置靈活,使用、調整、維護簡單?! ?/p>


Main feature:  

■Normally closed design, safe and reliable; specially-designed disc springs applied.  ■Swift actions and short braking time.  

■Equipped with release limit switch and lining wear limit-switch can realize interlocking protection and failure  indication by PLC.  

■Brake lining is made from non-asbestos hard material, which has high and stable friction performance, and it is  insensitive to water, salt and other environmental agents.  ■Excellent sealing ensure the brake long service life.  

■Convenient of installation and ease of maintenance.

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